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10 Benefits of Getting Your Dog Groomed

Every dog should be acclimated to grooming in one way or another. Whether it is a small breed or large 

breed, their coat protects them, and keeping their coats regularly groomed helps them maintain skin 

and coat health.  Here are the top ten benefits of keeping your dog groomed:

1. A healthy coat without mats

Mats in a dog’s coat can be very painful. Try gabbing a handful of your hair and pull it for weeks 

on end. Most likely you would end up with a red inflamed sore area. This is what happens to 

dogs when they have mats in their coats. Keeping a coat mat free with frequent grooming and 

brushing greatly reduces the occurrence of mats and keeps your dog’s coat healthy.

2. Improved circulation 

Good brushing promotes good circulation which in turn has many benefits. Healthy circulation 

keeps pores from getting blocked with dirt, grease and bacteria. It also stimulates the lymphatic 

system which boosts the immune system to ward off disease and other canine health issues. 

3. A reduction of bacteria in ears and around eyes

Bacteria in a dog’s ears or eyes can cause infection, especially in older dogs or long eared dogs. 

Regular cleaning and trimming helps keep those areas clean of the build-up that can lead to 


4. Canine comfort

Dogs cool off by panting and air circulation of their paws. Keeping their pads clipped helps them 

circulate air around their paws and keeps them comfortable. A dog is more comfortable if it can 

see well and their skin isn’t itchy. A good tidy up or clip around the face helps with vision and 

deep conditioning and bathing helps with itchy skin.

5. Less pests! 

You, your dog, and your home all benefit from the reduction in pests that result from frequent 

grooming.  When fleas and ticks are removed from your dog’s coat and further preventative 

care is applied, it reduces the risk of worms in your dogs, skin inflammation and irritation, and 

allergies. It also reduces the risk of you or your dog contracting the diseases carried by ticks such 

as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

6. Short nails 

A dog with nicely trimmed nails scrapes will not scrape you or your floor, has better traction and 

is more comfortable walking on all surfaces. Overgrown grown nails can splay the pads, which 

can affect your pet’s agility and stance and can lead to arthritis.

7. Less hair and shedding! 

All dogs shed to some degree but this is especially true with short coated breeds. Regular 

grooming keeps coats thin and healthy and greatly reduces the amount of loose hair in your 

house and on your clothes. Less hair to clean in your home means more time to spend having 

fun with your pet. 

8. Bonding 

A soft clean dog, without odor, is a joy to cuddle and relax with. This promotes a deeper bond 

between you and your dog and makes everyone happier and healthier.  Good hygiene is just as 

important for your pet as it is for you.

9. Early detection 

A groomer will see your pet often and will notice skin issues, anal gland problems or any other 

abnormal physical issue, often before you or your vet will. Early intervention is very important 

and can prevent prolonged health issues for your pet and costly vet bills.

10.  Aesthetics  

While that might not sound like a benefit, it truly can be. We derive much more pleasure from a 

clean and tidy house and car. The same can be said of our pet. It is our responsibility to care for 

them and we should strive to maintain them in the manner in which they deserve.